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Journaling through COVID-19

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

I would 1st like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to all the Healthcare Workers. My sincere gratitude, admiration, and appreciation for all these selfless incredible people.

Hopeful for a Better Future

Writing while in quarantine and social distancing has been cathartic. I've been doing it since this nightmare began and am still at it. It helps somehow. I'm able to pour what I feel and think in a journal without censure or barriers. We can pen down truly how we feel.

We can pen down our frustration, anger or sadness. It is a much healthier outlet than keeping it in and fuming about it. These are our thoughts and feelings. No one else has to read it, no judgment - no fear. Feel like using colorful language? Go ahead, use it. It is freeing - trust me. Best of all, it's for your eyes only.

Fear for my family. loved ones and friends prompted me to pen down my feelings and thoughts. Not being able to find toilet paper for 3 weeks prompted me to pen down my frustration. Sanitary napkins were gone. My friend couldn't find baby diapers. They too were gone. I wasn't able to get my hands on Lactaid for 7 days. Why would anyone hoard up on these? Aren't we all in this nightmare together.

My son and I have severe allergies. it's extremely worrisome to think about him contracting COVID. For his part, he was worried every time I stepped out of the house looking for groceries or supplies.

During the last week of March and the beginning of April, I was heading out every day looking for all things toilet paper. Who knew toilet paper, sanitary napkins, flour, and yeast would become such coveted possessions.

Milk, why swipe off all the milk from supermarkets? Don't they have an expiration date of 2 weeks or so? How much milk can one consume? Not to mention pharmacies ran out of cold and allergy medications as well. These were just some pet peeves I wrote about.

I've also met some amazing people who offered me a couple of rolls of toilet paper from their own stock :) Then there were some who tend to forget that we are at war with a deadly virus not each other. Swiping groceries from anothers cart or giving others the 'evil eye' while they are out looking for produce, flour, or milk for their families.

Watching news daily was glum and still is. Calamities should bring out the best in people, don't you think? We are all in it together. Family looking out for family, neighbors helping one and other. Friends looking out for friends, loved ones looking out for loves ones. Aren't we all fearful or terrified of what would or might happen to the people we love?

For me journaling while in isolation and social distancing has been a healthy emotional outlet. We can read what we have written unbridled. Truly learn about ourselves when there is a catastrophe.

I would highly recommend journaling. Even if its one paragraph at a time. Try it, it's therapeutic. It's healing. Doesn't have to be pencil to paper. Use a smart phones, notebooks or computers.

Wearing masks is a necessity now. Imperative even, to protect and keep us and our loved ones safe. To beat this deadly virus and stop it from spreading, we all have to work together. I also make a point to write about how grateful I am for being able to provide food for my family. Grateful for the precautions each one takes when out and about. Deeply grateful for the jobs we have.

I'm also very thankful for modern technology. I can't imagine how even more horrific the current situation would be if we were not able to make video and phone calls or text to stay in touch and keep tabs on family and friends.

I end my post deeply grateful to all Delivery Personnel, Supermarket Staff, and every soul in the Service Industry - THANK YOU.

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