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Art of Mindfulness

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Taking the time to just a treat for the soul & mind

Don't we live in a fantastic age? We want hot water for tea, zap! We get hot water in a minute. Same goes for food and snacks. Not cooking, no problem, dial and get hot food delivered right to our doorsteps. We can even have groceries delivered to us. All these make our lives much easier, I must say. Modern conveniences are such a blessing.

We are constantly zipping and zapping through our lives. Kids, family, work, and bills. It seems endless, doesn't it? How do we pause and take in the moment? And not be on autopilot. It seems like a tall order to practice mindfulness when most of what we do daily is 'rinse and repeat!' Then how do we practice mindfulness.....

What is it to be Mindful?

Lately, 'Mindfulness' seems to be the buzzword. Practicing mindfulness elevates us as human beings. It helps us be better, what makes us tick.

When we understand ourselves, we are better able to understand the people in our lives. By practicing mindfulness, we learn to better understand any situation. Handle it better with more clarity and appropriately with intellect.

Let's clarify something first - Mindfulness has nothing to do with religion but everything to do with spirituality. Buddhism in itself is not a religion, but a philosophy. The teachings are to help us understand our minds and our emotions, feelings. It's to helps us deal with the world around us. To find our balance. To be better, do better. (Check out my other articles on Healthy LifeStyle &

We could be of any faith and still practice mindfulness. So, what is it to be mindful? Is it to be careful and considerate of our thoughts, words, and actions or something much more?

How often have we said things without thinking, without realizing? We are mindful when we are conscious and knowing of what we say and do. We are mindful when we can anticipate the response we'll get. Being mindful makes us accountable for what we think, say, and act – and if it is not the experience we want, we have the opportunity to change it.

Sometimes we might not like the thoughts that pop up in our heads. Mindfulness isn't about feeling bad about the thoughts that pop up. Mindfulness is about recognizing our thoughts for what they are. Brush off the bad thoughts and go with the good ones. Mindfulness teaches us to be aware.

(Check out my other articles on Healthy LifeStyle &

We all have thoughts popping into our heads catching us unaware at times. t's ok, it's perfectly natural. Process it, understand the why's not just react. We can control them, understand them without judging ourselves. Retain the good and let go of the bad.

We take time with our appearance, we should take time for our minds/soul too. Mindfulness teaches us to relax and unwind. Practicing mindfulness helps us appreciate the smaller and simplistic things in life too.

Mindfulness is also about being present, at the moment. For example, if we are having a conversation with someone, we give them our undivided attention. By being 100% present in that conversation, we are also showing our respect to that person or subject. This is not where or when we multitask.

The same goes for when we dine. We should be enjoying the food and convo. Tasting every bite and not think of the pile of clothes we have to wash or fold or an errand we need to run. Being mindful also teaches us to be observant. Understand nuances we otherwise might miss. Being mindful helps us with our daily lives. (Check out my other articles on Healthy LifeStyle &

Webster has several definitions of being mindful. For me, this phrase is the most apt, "You are in the moment acting, not reacting to life." A simple and precise explanation.

Mindfulness changes your perception, how you view things. Being present at that moment helps you perceive things you might have missed otherwise. Whether it's a topic, about ourselves or someone. Mindfulness can be a useful tool. It helps keep us focused.

Another example of people who practice mindfulness is artists. They are able to study a subject and reproduce it on canvas or clay by reviving tones, textures, and shades with incredible exactness. It is an incredible skill. This is also mindfulness.

How does one practice mindfulness?

As with everything it comes with practice. For starters, put aside 10 to 15 mins a day.

You could do it in the comfort of your home or in your favorite coffee shop.

Start At Home

  • Sit comfortably, smile, relax.

  • Be loose - hang loose

  • Close your eyes

  • Breathe in deeply and slowly

  • Breathe out slowly

  • Focus on your breath

  • Push all other thoughts away

  • When the mind wanders, reel it in

  • Breathe in and breathe out deeply and slowly

  • If you are drifting away, pull yourself back. Focus on your breathing.

With practice, it becomes easier. We get better at it day by day.

Practice Before Falling Asleep

  • Great way to fall into a peaceful sleep

  • Lie comfortably, relax every muscle in your body

  • Smile, relax your face muscles as well

  • Be loose

  • Close your eyes

  • Breathe in deeply and slowly

  • Feel the tension leave your body with each breath

  • Feel your shoulders relax

  • Feel your hips relax

  • Feel your legs relax

  • Focus only on your breath

  • Breathe in deeply and slowly

  • Allow yourself to drift off into beautiful sleep

(This also works whenever I get a stuffy nose, it helps me fall asleep. Though I have to breathe through my mouth instead and it works 99%)

Your Favorite Coffeeshop

  • This should be a delightful experience.

  • Turn your phone down or put it away completely.

  • Sit by yourself with your favorite cuppa coffee or tea

  • Lift the cup to your face. Inhale the wonderful aroma

  • Anticipate the first sip.

  • Take a small sip

  • Taste it, savor it

  • Inhale, remember the taste

  • Appreciate the Barista for the wonderful brew

  • Appreciate the design of the crema

  • Inhale, sip, taste

  • Smile, relax and enjoy this time, this moment.

(You can do this with your friends once you've mastered it)

If our body is our temple then it stands to reason our mind is our God and as such should be treated with reverence. So, let's be kinder to ourselves. We deserve it, one life and all.

Life is fleeting and few of us have perfect lives. so let's savor the moment, this time, this day, the now.

Live Awesome

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